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Join our network of publishers to gain access to high-quality youth & high school sports content, including ad-enabled streams, automated highlights, and condensed games. Expand your content library and increase your revenue with our innovative platform.
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bringing innovation to the local sports ecosystem at scale
High School & Youth sports content is hyper-local and valuable. It's time to bring it into the 21st century.

More games, more sports, more regions

Our publisher network spans the country from Texas to Florida to Pennsylvania and is constantly expanding. We provide our publishers with production tools to increase their broadcast quality and monetize their content through dynamically inserted ads, so you can be assured your viewers' experience is top-notch.

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Monetize your audience with ad-enabled content

Our content comes with ad slots inserted using SCTE-35 markers, which we fill programmatically using contextual data to increase your revenue. Or, bring your own Advertisers and add your Programmatic Direct deals to our Open Auction inventory using a weighted waterfall strategy. With a large and hungry audience, you can monetize your content effectively and ensure high CPMs for your ad-supported content.

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Expand Your Audience. Grow Your Revenue.

Maximize your advertising revenue and grow your reach with our national network of high school sports publishers. We provide new, unique, and highly targetable sports content to distribute, enabling you to tell compelling stories about these athletes to interested audiences. Our platform's automated highlights and condensed games make it easy to showcase the best moments of the game to your audience.

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